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LED-Lines is developing numerous of LED gimmicks, with all kinds of features:
Animations, Games, Text, Effects

And it is available in all kinds of options:
LED Cap, LED Shirt, LED-Pocket edition. All controlled over WiFi!

Express yourself @ every party!

LED-Lines LED-Lines
LED-Lines LED-Lines
LED-Lines LED-Lines


The LED device(Cap, Shirt or Pocket) works as a standalone device included with a battery. Can be controlled via WiFi or by the press of a single button! Charged via micro usb

Multi-devices are supported, and give extra features as synchronization(same animations and games) and continues text.

The device will act as a WiFi hot-spot.And you can connect to it with any device. No internet is required, device operated completely stand-alone.

You can send custom text, choose animations and even play games like tetris and snake.

The device can be upgraded with new software and animations over WiFi. No cables required!

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